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HOW - Braj Charity are the welfare activities of the House Of Wisdom participants in Shri Vrindavan Dham, India.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Welfare Activities of the Vrinda Family in Vrindavan

A. The Vedic Wisdom Collection
B. The Vedic Wisdom Sunday Feast
C. Promotion of New Centres of Vedic Wisdom
D. The Vedic Wisdom Teacher Course
E. A Gift for Joy
F. Vraj Mandal Parikrama
G. Temple Reconstruction and Advice for Restauration Projects
H. Ecological Awareness Counceling for Organic Seeds, Recycling, Composting.
I. Lectures on Topics of Vedic Wisdom as a Help to expand Awareness about Vegetarianism, Self Esteem, Responsibilities etc. See our anouncements for the Sunday coming up.
J. Sponsoring Events and Activities of the Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha - World Vaishnava Association.
K. Organization Committee Member of the Mungir Raj Award Program
L. Organization Committee Member of the Braj Rakshak Forum


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